Jett Pink is a Hermosa Beach, CA based musician who's unique style blends delta blues, rock n' roll, and a dash of country. His engaging performances are quickly earning him a name amongst blues fans around the country who are stomping their feet and nodding their heads along to his intense, slide-driven original material. Constantly drawing upon his influences- R.L. Burnside, Muddy Waters, Hank Williams, Neil Young, and Robert Plant- it is said that Jett is built from rock n' roll parts but fueled by cold, hard, blues. 

Growing up in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, music was always a focal point of Jett's life. In his early 20's, he moved out to Los Angeles with his guitar playing brother, Chris, to start playing "for real". Following stints in several rock bands, including one wonderful summer where he got to tour as the opening act for Ted Nugent, Jett setteled into his true calling- the blues. Naturally drawn to the pre-war delta blues made famous by Son House and Big Bill Broonzy, Jett is travelling the country and playing festivals with his one-man act. However, while simultaneously playing guitar, harmonica, keeping the beat with his homemade stompbox, and singing- it truly sounds like there's more than one person performing. 

In 2012 Jett began building cigar box guitars and license plate guitars, a business that quickly took off. When he's not on the road, Jett spends his days in his workshop on the beach building his popular instruments. He also plays them in his gigs- a part of his act that always excites and delights the crowds. He is known for performing on his guitars, then placing them up for sale immediately after show- at which point they are often quickly snatched up by bluesfans who love their truly distinct sound and look. 

Jett has released three albums in the last two years, beginning with an acoustic blues album called "Loretta". He then joined up with his brother and other friends to make "Saved by Memories", released as The Pink Family Band. Finally August 2013 saw him release his latest work, "Regret", which is a gritty, stripped down, acoustic blues journey with occasional country tangents. 

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